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Analysts discuss ballistics and cell phone data in Lafayette Murder Trial

A ballistics analyst testified in court Monday that a gun found at a Lafayette man’s home matched the casings and bullet found at a 2016 murder.

crime scene

Mark Kurowski, who worked at Acadiana Crime Labs for nearly 30 years, told jurors there were no set number of striations that made a “sufficient amount” to conclude a match. He also said that testing can normally take a few days, but investigators asked the lab to “rush” the processing.

Based on general location data provided by the cell phone companies, Stutes, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Capt., testified that location data from Willis and Sylvester’s phones corroborated what Sylvester told investigators. The data shows the phones in the Carencro area together, then at their respective homes, then in the Scott area and then back at their homes.

See what the ballistics and cell phone data conclude. Follow the Lafayette Double Homicide and click the link below to read more of the story.

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