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Morgan Guillory

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Navigating child support and child custody issues can be an overwhelming experience but understanding your rights as a parent can help make it easier. If you are currently dealing with these issues, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney who can guide you through the process and help ensure that your children's best interests are taken into consideration at all times. With knowledge of the law on your side, you can rest assured that your rights—and those of your children—will be protected throughout every step of this difficult process.

Your Family Matters to Morgan!

What You Need to Know About Child Support & Custody

If you are a single parent or going through a divorce, you may be wondering what your rights and responsibilities are with regard to child support and custody. 

Child Support

Child Support is a payment made by one parent to another for the financial care of a child. Generally speaking, it is paid by the non-custodial parent (the parent who does not have primary physical custody) to the custodial parent (the parent who has primary physical custody). The amount of the payment is determined by calculating each parent's income, living expenses, and other factors such as number of children in their care. It is important to note that both parents are equally responsible for financially supporting their children regardless of whether they are married or divorced.

Child Custody

Child Custody refers to which parent has legal responsibility for making decisions on behalf of their minor children. In some cases, both parents share joint legal custody, meaning they must make decisions jointly while in other cases one parent has sole legal custody and makes all decisions regarding their child’s welfare without input from the other parent. In addition to legal custody, there is also physical custody which determines where the child spends most or all of his or her time. As with legal custody, this can be shared between both parents or awarded exclusively to one parent.

More About Morgan

Morgan is a native of Franklin, Louisiana. Morgan received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she majored in Political Science/ Pre-Law with a minor concentration in History. Morgan is also a graduate of Southern University Law Center.

After graduation Morgan worked for the 16th Judicial District Court as a Judicial Law Clerk.

Throughout the last seven years Morgan has traveled to Guatemala several times for missionary work during the summers. Serving the community and helping others is something she has always been passionate about both at home and abroad.

She hopes to apply this same passion throughout her career as an attorney to serve as many people to the best of her abilities.

Her interests are in the practice of civil law, family law, real estate and property law.

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